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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Multi Award-Winning Marketing

Digital Marketing Services Gain The Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors!


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Online Digital Marketing covering Ayrshire & all of Scotland

Online Digital Marketing Agency in Ayrshire

Marketing is their passion! Because they love what they do.

With a wealth of experience in online digital marketing, comes with it knowledge!

THEY KNOW THE MOST important and valuable part of ANY business is marketing it to EXACTLY the correct target audience, delivering your message to the right people, at the RIGHT TIME.

And this is why they chose to make the move from offline traditional marketing to specialise in online marketing.

Corrie D Marketing has a wealth of knowledge in both, but ask them where they would spend their marketing and advertising budgets?

It would be a mix of both but with the majority of their marketing spend going online due to the highly targeted laser targeting and retargeting options available. To find out more CALL TODAY on 01294 559480 or 07411 170758 email info@corriedmarketing.co.uk or alternatively to contact us via our website CLICK HERE

Corrie D Marketing Video AdsMarketing Has Changed More In The Last 2 Years Than InThe Last 50! 

(*Source. The SiliconeValleyCompass.com ) 29th July 2016

Offering you a one to one personal service throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond! Partnering your business every step of the way.

They can help with your online digital marketing, to transform your business from an offline business to an online business and help to create a clear and concise easy to follow, structured marketing plan and digital strategy for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years.

Marketing Plans and Digital Strategies

Marketing Plans and 30 day, 6 month, 1 year and 5 year Digital Marketing Strategies can be created for your business so you can use this as a guide, based on your business goals and objectives, using KPIs to measure the success of these.

Digital Transformation

If you’re looking for a company who can help you transform your business from an offline business to an online business Corrie D Marketing can help, using GDPR compliant processs.

It’s an educational process whenever we work with new clients. Corrie D Marketing needs to understand your business and you need to understand their processes (vice versa).

Corrie D Marketing is a an honest and open, target lead, results driven agency. Your business goals and objectives are of paramount importance to your online digital marketing campaigns and we aim to educate our clients on the best ways to do that using both online and/or offline.

Book your FREE 1st Hours Telephone Consultation TODAY just let us know a date and time that’s convenient for you. Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us via the contact form on our website CLICK HEREUse Corrie D Marketing Digital Marketing Services To Gain Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors

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Multi Award Winning Digital Marketing

Multi-Award Winnig Corrie D Marketing – Winners of 8 Award Wins, 5 Consecutive Years In A Row!

Best UK Full Service Creative Agency 2015 – Corporate Vision Awards

Best UK Social Network Media Management Co 2015 – Corporate Vision Awards

BEST UK Boutique Full Service Creative Agency 2016 – European Business Awards

BEST UK Full Service Creative Agency 2016 – Wealth & Finance Int UK Regional Awards (the ONLY company in Scotland to win such a prestigious award).

BEST UK Online Digital Marketing Agency 2017 – Worldwide Business Review, UK Enterprise Awards.

BEST Online Digital Marketing Agency with an Award for Excellence in Social Media Marketing 2017– Scottish Enterprise Awards

BEST Online Digital Marketing Firm Scotland 2018 – SME News, Enterprise Awards

BEST Digital Marketing Campaign, Agency Scotland 2019 – SME News, Enterprise Awards

Celebrate with us in our celebrations – WATCH VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4QZ3LY0aoc

Corrie D Marketing covers Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, England and beyond!

Covering Ayrshire, Glasgow and all of Scotland

Corrie D Marketing Covering Ayrshire, Glasgow and all of Scotland

We can help SME’s and business owners to encourage repeat business from regular customers and acquire new customers ensuring YOU are generating extra sales with proven results.

We can take the risks out of your marketing efforts and gambling away from your advertising budgets.

First hours consultation is FREE Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758. or use the contact form on our website CLICK HERE

Ensure your business grows!

Offering business owners throughout Scotland and the UK high quality, yet cost-effective marketing solutions.

Covering all aspects of your business and the marketing mix. From Graphic Design Services for Branding and Logos to WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Websites, Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

Also Offline Advertising (for print and press) ie we can supply and have our own team who can supply the following;

Shop Front Signage & Van/Company Car Livery, Full Vehicle Wraps, Business Cards, Flyers, Print Ads, Advertorials, Brochures, Exhibition Stands & our Graphic Design and PR Services combined can be used for Advertorials in local press, national press and magazines etc.

Corrie D Marketing Market Research

Corrie D Marketing Market Research

Market Research

One of the most important steps in business is not to assume that you know what your customer wants, this can be a costly mistake.

Get this bit right and you can fulfil your customer’s needs.

Too often we see companies who do not listen to their negative feedback, if you don’t listen to the negatives about your business, how can you improve your business?

Having happy and satisfied customers that are repeat business who pass on your name via word of mouth and recommendations is extremely valuable to any business and is THE BEST form of advertising you can get.

Corrie D Marketing also recommend after meeting businesses who are about to launch who think using a fancy Italian name for bathroom accessories etc is a good idea using a foreign language – It isn’t. Ideally you want to create a memorable brand name people can remember. If your stuck and debating it, go out on the streets carry out some market research or commission Corrie D Marketing to do this for you.

Use social media networks and Facebook to ask your prospects your thoughts you can use free tools ie Survey Monkey or for simple research create a quick poll to get feedback on your ideas from fans of your page or from friends.

You can read what our customers have to say over on our testimonials page

Multi Award Winning Marketing Covering Ayrshire & All Of Scotland. Covering Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh all of Scotland and beyond if required.

CALL NOW 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 

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Corrie D Marketing Multi Award Winning Digital Marketing, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Highly Qualified, Experienced Professionals

They can visit you in your premises, sit down beside you and have an honest and open discussion. To help identify your business goals and objectives. To gain an insight into your company values, to find out your vision for the future, to establish exactly where you want to be and how we are going to get you there (the strategy) and help transform offline businesses into online businesses with a clear and concise easy to follow marketing plan and digital marketing strategy.

Corrie D Marketing Team Of Fully Qualified and Experienced Professionals
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Their aim is to take the pressure off you when it comes to marketing, to allow you to concentrate on what you are good at. Running your business.

Because they understand it’s a full-time job, just keeping abreast of Facebook changes! Let alone the fast-paced digital landscape. By becoming one of The CDM teams discerning regular clients, is like having your own marketing team without the costs associated with this.

With no expensive premises and staff to pay for Corrie D Marketing work in collaboration. This keeps our clients’ costs down and means we can offer extremely high quality yet at very cost-effective prices offering excellent value for money.

Corrie D Marketing, Ayrshire. Covering all of Scotland

Corrie D Marketing, Ayrshire. Covering all of Scotland

The Corrie D Marketing Team are a team of hand-picked individuals, who are all fully qualified and experienced professionals within their own chosen fields.

Corrie-Dee Whaite will act as your main point of contact and specialises in Advertising, PR, Sales & Marketing. But have a specialist team ie Livery/Signage & Full Vehicle Wraps, Website Development, Graphic Designers and SEO specialists, Printers (24 Hour Turnaround),  should you require any of these services.

You can rest in the knowledge they won’t leave you to your own devices to get on with the outlined tasks, they partner your business every step of the way, by holding your hand and educating you as you go, to ensure you make informed marketing decisions.

Let Corrie D Marketing help you generate good quality leads that convert into sales and help grow your business today with their boutique agency services.

Increase your revenue and free up your time by outsourcing all of your marketing. This will allow you to spend more time on developing the business. To concentrate on what you are good at.

So by using Corrie D Marketing (whether you’re a business owner in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen) in this day and age of online and with amazing tools ie the internet, emails, Skype, Google Hangouts etc it doesn’t matter where you’re company is based.

The best way we can describe it…It’s a bit like having your own in-house marketing team! But without the expensive costs associated with that.

Please contact Corrie-Dee Whaite TODAY on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or contact us here.

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