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Professional Graphic Design Online & Offline (Print)

Graphic Design Services

From your initial idea & concept to completion!

Multi-Award Winning Corrie D Marketing, Ayrshire offer full-service creative agency services including professional graphic design services ie Logos, Branding, Websites, Ads (Both Online & Offline), Print services.

Online Ads also known as banner ads. From static ads (which is a single frame), or even better, we go the extra mile for our clients and we specialise in graphic design for online ad creatives ie animated banner ads (also known as gifs), these ads rotate in frames (made up in frames, so created a bit like a video).

These are much more eye-catching than a static single frame ad. We also offer HTML ads (which are slightly more expensive than animated gifs).

Offline advertising is advertising for print so we can professionally graphic design the layout of your business cards, flyers, or brochures and get those sent to the printers for you, print ready, and supply those back to you printed for you. We offer 24 Hour Turnaround Printing and bulk volume discount (£POA). T&Cs Apply.

Offline Graphic Design Services

For adverts appearing in newspapers and/or magazines!

We always supply you a proof which you will receive in plenty of time. A proof is a version that we recommend you proofread carefully.

Check all spelling and contact numbers and address etc are correct. As once this has been proofread we require a final sign off for our quality assurance purposes. Please note: Once signed off these are the completed final article.

Sometimes we see flyers and logos which are clearly not professionally graphic designed (we’ve even recently noticed a local company very recently who commissioned a new Facebook thumbnail which is clip art (something printers and newspapers used in the local and national press about 25 or so years ago. Way back  in the 80s & early 90s).

To use this as a logo in April 2019 we think is totally unacceptable as it looks old-fashioned and makes a modern company look very old fashioned, tired and outdated. So not a great impression to deliver with a flyer.

No-one wants their prospective customers to see an out-dated flyer this gives the wrong message for a young progressive and modern business that’s flyer projects this tired and outdated clip art image, that looks like it’s been created by a type-setter (people who were employed back in the 80s in newspapers to create ads (who were not professional graphic designers as we know them today.

They basically laid out typed text correctly to create an ad ie made up of plain copy text/words, highlighted some of those in BOLD and laid them out to fit a specific ad size. They also then laid out the ads to fit the page of the paper (like a big jigsaw puzzle).

However they don’t have the training or skills to manipulate images using tools modern day tools ie Dreamweaver, Illustrator or Photoshop (which are the tools our professional and experienced graphic designers have access too in their tool kit).

Here’s a selection of a few of their graphic designs ad creatives for various types of marketing campaigns.

Ideal Windows And Conservatories (5000 Double Sided A3 Flyers), Silk, 250 GSM. 24 Hour Dispatch (After Receipt of Proof) June 2018.

Ideal Windows And Conservatories Flyer By Corrie D Marketing June 2018

Ideal Flyer June 2018

Ideal Double Sided Flyer Rear

Ideal Double Sided Flyer Rear

Beacons Roofing Glasgow – Online Ad Campaign

Beacons Half Page Mobile Ad

They can also supply graphic design for everything from Ebrochures, Presentations, Explainer Videos to van livery and everything in-between!

Corrie D Marketing have their own team of graphic designers and developers who can create visually stunning. and engaging Landing Pages and Advertising Creatives for their clients online advertising campaigns.

Terex Trucks Landing Page for Online Ad Campaign

Terex Trucks

You can view the Landing Page here

Graphic Design can be provided for a range of online ad sizes – Corrie D Marketing advise and recommend that if embarking on any online ads with them that companies ideally should book Corrie D Marketings own graphic designers & developers for these types of campaigns, instead of perhaps using your usual agency as they know what works best and this knowledge comes from their advertising experience of running these award-winning online RTB programmatic ad campaigns for the last few years.

Corrie D Marketing offer their clients a fully managed solution to run online ads and retargeting whereby ads can appear on ANY network and on any device via our RTB platform. We also offer Google Search PPC & Google Display and Google ReTargeting ad campaigns.

So whichever you choose, whatever your budget we aim to work within your budgets! And you need to be serious about your budget allocation so online costs are on par with press costs (however the difference being) online ads ONLY deliver ADS to your EXACT target audience.

Corrie D Marketing create and manage the targeting, the campaigns, the analysis, optimisation and the reports and recommendations at the end of each campaign.

They have massive amounts of experience in the advertising sector. (Almost 25 years).

AND they have proven case studies, and full end of campaign transparency reports. Testimonials and award wins for their online ad campaigns, clients inc Scottish Slimmers, Terex Trucks, NHS, Local Councils in conjunction with MacMillan Cancer, and many more SME’s throughout Scotland..

Ad sizes range from – Leaderboards, Wide Skyscrapers, Skyscrapers, Medium Rectangles, Large Rectangles, Full Page Mobile, Half Page Mobile Ads, Mobile Small Rectangles, Mobile Small Banners and many more.

Corrie D Marketing clients also benefit from having a team of graphic designers and developers on hand to create ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING even animated Gifs and HTML Ads creative, for your online ad campaigns- They offer graphic design/creative services for everything and anything in between.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Meet ED Campaign

Meet ED animated gif

NHS Dumfries And Galloway Meet ED Campaign

online ad campaign by Corrie D Marketing for NHS D&G Meet ED Campaign

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Meet ED Campaign

Meet Ed

Offline Ads – Can be professionally graphicdesigned and copywritten for Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Brochures, Exhibition Stands, Roller Banners, Flyers, Business Cards.

Shop Front Signage & Livery – Ensures your brand delivers maximum exposure!

Are you white van man missing out on a golden opportunity for FREE exposure?

You could have a van on the road branded and customised with your livery, you only pay for this once and then this becomes your mobile advert.


You are missing an opportunity here, this is very cost effective and only requires a minimum investment, whenever you change your vehicle. And how often do you do that?

Van livery offers very cost-effective marketing –  It’s your mobile advert!

Scrub A Dug Dug Vehicle Van Wrap, Ayrshire

Scrub A Dug Dug Vehicle Wrap Livery

Scrub A Dug Dug Vehicle Wrap Livery

Craftsman Van LIvery Signage

Craftsman Van Livery/Signage, Ayrshire

Don’t forget to ask about our Special Volume Discounts – Available for regular clients or for volume deals. To find out more please contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or eMail or Contact Us.

Corrie D Marketing Are A Team Of Expert Professionals

Corrie D Marketing have a team of marketing professionals on hand to help you!

Who are all hand-picked, chosen for their high quality of services provided, they are all fully qualified and experienced within their own chosen fields.

Ever heard of the saying “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of NOTHING?”

This is NOT the way we work we believe that to deliver for YOUR Business, the very best results, each team member must be fully qualified, experienced and established professionals who each specialise within their own areas of expertise.


Project management

Corrie D Marketing can take care of as much or as little of your marketing transformation that you require.

Corrie-Dee Whaite is your main point of contact and can project manage our own team of professionals, (from time to time we inherit our clients team of professionals.

However we do prefer to work with our own team as we can source the required materials and the relevant professionals but more importantly we have an experienced workforce that are required for the job in hand.

Saving YOUR company time and money.

By using our services – It’s the equivalent of having a virtual marketing team, like having your own marketing team on tap, but minus the costs associated ie holidays, pensions, maternity/paternity leave, sick leave and absences etc.

Thus allowing you to free up your time to allow you the time required to do what you are good at. Running and developing the business!

Project Management

Project managing our hand-picked team of fully qualified and experienced professionals for whatever service you require! It’s like having a marketing team on site, minus the costs associated with that, no pensions, holidays, or managing staff to worry about.

Sound good?

If you like the sound of working with us? Please feel free to call us for a informal chat, contact Corrie-Dee Whaite TODAY on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or contact us TODAY.

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“Multi-platform, multi-media opportunities translate into multi-choices. Social media and the Internet, in general, have turned life into an interconnected open-book exam - a sharp and important difference from the closed-book-exam shape of traditional research. (via Warc).”

Joel Rubinson

“Effective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).”

Mac McIntosh, 2006