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WordPress CMS Website Benefits

Why Choose WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Website Design and Development 

So you may be thinking at this point that all websites are pretty much the same… You would be wrong!

WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS (Content Management System) websites for it’s ease of use, they are user-friendly and easy to update content yourself.

It’s also fully responsive which is hugely important with the rise of smartphones that people can read your website copy without having to pinch and scroll the screen.

The best way for us to explain this – If you think of your website as being a bit like a car.

You have the bodywork and the aesthetics and how it looks on the outside. Then you have the interior and the specific features on the inside, then you have under the bonnet and the engine and how it actually works, the functionality and how it performs.

Hosting is when you have a website, it has to be hosted somewhere.

If you think of your website like a house, your house has to be built somewhere on a piece of land, so we help to host your website to keep it live and running and performing as it should.

WordPress Websites

If you think of a WordPress website in “car” terms, in our opinion, is the Ferrari or supercar of the website world.

WordPress websites are not all templates as some people seem to believe. However, they can be, but Corrie D Marketing prefers to create customised and bespoke websites, tailored to suit each individual client’s needs.

Corrie D Marketing Responsive Website

Customised CMS (Content Management System) WordPress Website Design & Development are ideal for information based websites and WooCommerce Ecommerce sites.

Did you know we also offer app development for Iphone and Android?

Services range from bespoke  Content Management Systems  (CMS) & E-commerce sites.

Here are a few examples –

Stairhill WordPress CMS Website

Stairhill website is a 3 in 1 website, to incorporate three sides of the business

  1. Stairhill Architectural Services
  2. Stairhill Air Tightness Testing
  3.  Stairhill Developments

The logo received a brand refresh and a colour for each side of the business with the website colour co-ordinated in each relevant colour to coincide with whichever section of the website you are visiting.


Stairhill new website by Corrie D Marketing

Ashgrove Home Improvements CMS WordPress Website


Ashgrove Home Improvements is a stunning website with Ebrochures to allow aimed at anyone wanting to peruse their many brochures from the comfort of their armchair.

Brochures showcase their stunning range of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designs and ranges to suit all budgets.

WordPress Website for Ashgrove Home Improvements by Corrie D Marketing

Ashgrove Home Improvements website design by Corrie D Marketing

Corrie D Marketing also offer Mobile App Development for apps for Iphone and Android.

So if you’re a new business looking for a new website or looking to update your current website – Corrie D Marketing recommend WordPress!

If you’d like to arrange a chat over a coffee?

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Why Choose WordPress?

10 Reasons To Choose A WordPress Content Management System Website

  1. Open-source (which means there are people developing programmes/themes/plugins for WordPress from all over the world) which helps to keep your overall costs down.
  2. No-one can hold you over a barrel when it comes to costs.
  3. It future proofs your business.
  4. User-friendly CMS (Content Management Systems)
  5. WordPress CMS powers approx 40% of the world’s websites and is the most popular CMS system for its ease of use.
    Wordpress Website Benefits

    WordPress website benefits

  6. FREE WordPress Blog comes as standard, when you book a Corrie D Marketing WordPress website.
  7. Can grow as your business grows. Can be easily upscaled as a WordPress website is made up of plug-ins.
  8. Database is being built on the back end of their WordPress contact forms capturing enquiries information and building your list!
  9. Responsive WordPress themes look great on all devices inc mobiles, laptops and desktop.
  10. Our developers have been designing and developing WordPress websites for 15 years so they know a thing or two about WordPress and their inventory of plug-ins.

If you would like to know more about WordPress websites? Please visit our Contact US section of our website here or call Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 our first hours consultation is FREE RRP £150+vat per hour.

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