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Video killed the radio star!

Who dares to admit they remember this song/video from way back in the day – 1979  by Buggles. Wow I was 5 and remember every word. Funny that. I can hardly remember what I had for dinner yesterday but remember lyrics to songs from 40 years ago 😉

So you’re probably wondering what has this got to do with digital marketing and video marketing?

Well unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently?  Then you will be fully aware that Video killed the radio star. And from what I’ve been lead to believe after watching the documentary about the demise of Michael Jackson (the King of Pop as he was once known),

It was all down to the making of the amazingly brilliant, multi award -winning music video Thriller and Billie Jean, which was a game changer back in the 90s and raised the bar for all wannabee pop stars and launched satellite TV channel MTV.


Video killed the radio star!

Nobody wants to visit a website and be faced with reading lots of words and web copy. Your website visitors would much prefer to watch a quick and engaging two minute video that can sum up all that copy and text with bullet points and walkthroughs or virtual tours or explainer videos.

They can be used to promote a sale, a special offer, a birthday or anniversary for your business or your MD’s birthday. They can be used to launch a new product or service. If you own a showroom you can create a virtual tour type video to encourage viewers to visit your showroom.

From animation videos, to bespoke custom videos we can create videos without all the hassle (if you don’t want hassle) we have thousands of stock video clips and stock images and you can supply your own. We have stock music so we can create engaging videos to promote your business without even stepping inside or outside your premises.

And if you want to view our showreel of videos you can view our YouTube channel here

Although if you want something showcasing ie your NEW premises or want a bespoke tailored video created in-house, that can certainly be organised for you no problem we have our own photographer and videographer, who we wheel out from time to time whenever needed.

So if you fancy a wee pick me up after reading all of this well done if you’re still with me here’s a throwback to the 70s! Get your shiny silver tinfoil suit and shades on, and lets party like it’s 1979!

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“Multi-platform, multi-media opportunities translate into multi-choices. Social media and the Internet, in general, have turned life into an interconnected open-book exam - a sharp and important difference from the closed-book-exam shape of traditional research. (via Warc).”

Joel Rubinson

“Effective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).”

Mac McIntosh, 2006